Locally Global

I am a Nepali who resides in America in a house owned by Polish people. My friends/brothers/Sister are living in Norway,Australia,UK,Iraq, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
My morning starts with a coffee served by a Bangladeshi bandhu (friend) who works at Dunkin Donuts.
After the coffee, i rush to my office where I have workmates from Columbia, Brazil, Rep. Dominique, Russia, and Guyana. For our lunch, we sometimes order Italian pizza which is prepared by a Mexican Chef and is delivered by a Puerto Rican man.
Normally, after office I rush to the arms of nature to satisfy my quench for photography. My absolute passion for photography gets accomplished by Sony Camera, made in Japan and those pictures get transferred to my laptop which is a product of Taiwan.
Then I rush to college for my evening classes. In my college, I take classes from Professors who come from countries such as the Philippines, China, Turkey and India. My classmates come from Egypt, Cuba Honduras, Korea, and Tibet.
For rest, my weekends become worthwhile with South African wine.I am enjoying my local life as a member of global community.
Jai Hos!
Sahadev Poudel
New York City


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