Man with The flower

Man with The flower
By Sahadev Poudel
I was carrying a bouquet flower,
from my work station.
At work, they tried to trash it
because for them “it’s dying”
but for me “it’s still alive”.
So I took it and embraced it like an award.
Because of the snow,
the city looked like it covered with white roses.
I was on the way with my flower,
a woman with a baby asked me,
“is this for someone’s birthday?”
I nodded “yes” and continued my journey.
In the next corner near by the Central Park
I encountered a young lady like a budding flower.
She asked me, “is this for your lady?”
I smiled and nodded “yes” and kept my crossing.
At the arctic cold, my hand was freezing
and the flower was fading.
I was nearby the church and I saw an elderly woman like a fading flower.
She was struggling to cross the icy avenue so I helped her to cross.
She saw the flower in my hand and murmured
“It’s very cold day for ceremony. I pray for you whoever you lost.”
I puzzled and nodded.
Some of the flower petals were separating
because of a wintry weather
but I kept hoping they’d stay alive
so I might decorate “my living room”.
I still had to walk few blocks to catch the train.
The Sidewalk was so slippery
and the pile of snow looked like a Himalayan range.
While I was crossing the boulevard,
And I stumbled on the road.
The flower spread all over the snow.
I was completely out in the snow.
It looked like I was praying for help.
I tried to get up but……
Someone noticed that I was struggling to stand up.
She came running near to me
and helped to collect the spread flowers
and gave her hand then I stood in front of her.
She asked me, “Are you alright?”
I nodded “yes” and after collecting my award
I gazed her eyes and gave the flowers to her.
And I said Thank You.
New York City
January 30th 2011


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