Two Poems


Oh my Piyari!

to declare our love and reunion,

you created the bottomless relation with the ocean,

the ocean carried you to the clouds,

the clouds floated you to the depths of the sky.

you retold our tale to the sky.

after listening to our tale,

sky expressed wow as lightning.

then sky showed the pathway to  my world.

you dropped hastening ,

parting the heat  of our separation.

Oh my Piyari,

to end with me,

you splashed

and I  soaked with your love like heavy rain!


By Sahadev Poudel

2nd poem


By Sahadev Poudel

I wanted to be a seagull,
in the company of the crows,
but crows made me colorless!

I wished to walk smoothly,
in the village of the cripples,
but the cripples made me motionless!

I dreamed to be a voice,
in the crowd of the mute,
but the mute made me speechless.


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