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Together We Are Beautiful

On the occasion of the Valentine Day-I am sharing some of my pictures on the theme of “Togetherness”

I took these pictures around the New York City. As you can see Flowers, Birds and We, human being are walking together, following each other, loving each other…Together We Are Beautiful!

Let’s keep our relationship like that way!

Violence also starts from V…There are hundreds of women and children are the victims of domestic violence.

Would be great gift if we can stand together against the domestic violence!

On this Valentine Day, if you promise “not to do violence or not to hurt” your loved ones would be the great gift of love!

Let’s give Life to Love

Now enjoy some of my photos collection on the theme of togetherness!


New York City

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Music on the Ground and Music Underground

One day I was roaming around the New York City’s Union Square around the Farmer Market. It was Friday after noon and there were some sample food and wine. I tasted some and then, I heard the wind of music. A team of country singers with guitar, violin and cello were singing  beautiful country songs .I admire country music because I can easily understand the lyrics. The sound of violin, guitar and cello  were so soothe. I captured some video clips and then I went to take a train.

There, in underground, I saw another team of Rock and Jam musician. They were playing some rock music with Jam flavor. I love soft rock and blues. I also liked the way they performed.

Isn’t New York city is amazing? You  meet different type of  artists every corner of the street. The example of music performed by music artist shows that New York is the fusion of varieties!  I think our life is also like music,varieties of music!

Some people are like a rock and roll and some are like country and some are blues and pop!And we all move with rhythm of music!

That’s why I Love New York City

Video and words by Sahadev

Thank you for the great talents of the artists!