Q is for Quriosity

Q is for Quriosity

By Sahadev Poudel

Many people believe that answer could solve a problem. But I believe question would solve a problem. However, I must ask to myself on right time.

WHs questions are the fundamental questions of curiosity. Curiosity falls on WHYs and the answer of WHYs could help to enlighten life. For example, many of us might have read in book Sidhartha Gautama, a rich prince of ancient Shakyabansh Kingdom left joyous palace after questioning himself. He asked WHY do we suffer? WHY do we die? If he had not questioned himself, we would not have Gautam Buddha. After becoming Buddha, he said, “Question everything, and don’t follow blindly, experience for yourself…”So Buddha questioned himself on right time and sought the enlightenment.

Sometimes I wonder about right question. But I realized, there is wrong answer but no wrong question and most of the gurus agreed on that too. They even said, “There are no stupid questions.” What is right for me is right question, and asking question is my right. So I won’t spare time thinking about question.

Who would be the right person to ask question? I think, that right person would be me. I should be responsible for my question because my question leads me to the road of enlightenment.

At the end, my anxiety, fear, tension, and confusion could be solve through question. I should always ask question about responsibility, relationship, and future and if I know the answer, it means I have asked the right question to the right person, that right person is I.

New York City

April 2012


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