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Introducing KITABNATION-A Book Club

“Wear the old coat and buy the new book.”
Austin Phelps


KITABNATION is brainchild of Sahadevision aspiring to promote good books and writers globally.

KITABNATION aims to encourage club members to purchase at least a book a month and discuss it in the social media.

Every month we shall invite writers/publishers on HimaliSworharu-Online Media to speak on their books.

Sometime we plan to organize Book party on regular basis:)
HimaliSworharu will podcast the book related activities on its online media

We will promote and discuss about book on Facebook, Twitter and will encourage members to write a blog about book they have read.

To join the club you must be to attuned to the reading culture and able to buy at least a book every month costing could cost $5-$10.

Buying a book is completely voluntary and optional as we force you to read and react to the vanishing world of books.
You one can join and leave the club without a notification.

Hence if ready join the club please look at following links and respond.

Finally, Remember as the popular saying goes you don’t become poor after buying books and illiterate after reading books.

Let’s create a reading-revolution.

Coordinated by Sahadevision
Promoted by HimaliSworharu-Online Media

Yuyutsu Sharma on KONK Radio Key West

Click here to listen  Yuyutsu Sharma on ArtWaves with Michael Shields on KONK Radio 

“Recipient of fellowships and grants from The Rockefeller Foundation, Ireland Literature Exchange, Trubar Foundation, Slovenia, The Institute for the Translation of Hebrew Literature and The Foundation for the Production and Translation of Dutch Literature, Yuyutsu RD Sharma is a distinguished poet and translator.”

Currently Yuyutsu Sharma  is in the USA and traveling in the different cities with his works.The interview was broadcasted on KONK Radio (KONK Broadcasting Network – community radio and newspaper for Key West and the Florida Keys during his recent Florida tour.
I am sharing his interview for all poetry lovers!
Happy Listening!

About Me & HimaliSworharu on DNAInfo

Smriti Rao is an experienced television anchor, producer, and multimedia Reporter of She is also a founder of

I think, she heard about Himali Sworharu from twitter or from her colleague.

Recently, We spoke on the phone and she expressed her curiosity about Himali Sworharu. She said she wanted to do a profile.

Ok. Sounds good to me!

We meet on a café and talked about Himali Sworharu.

Who don’t like to talk about their product? Especially a creative and passionate project!

I thank Smriti for her curiosity and brining my story to the online audience.

Thank you all for your love and support!

Here is the link of the article on the title of

“City’s Only Nepali Podcast Brings Sound of Himalayas to New York”

Read more:

Smriti also took  a Photo.

Photo credit Smriti

Nepal Related Articles in The New York Times

Nepal Related Articles in The New York Times

This week, The New York Times published some news, articles and Co-Ed about Nepal and Nepali, but following three articles attracted my attention.

On May 13 Nicholas Hirshon writes an insight story of Nepali salons workers on the title of “For Nepalese Salon Workers, a Cultural Hurdle to Overcome.” In this article, Mr. Hirshon writes about Nepali immigrants’ struggle, psychological feelings regarding their jobs and the success of some  hard worker Nepali (Especially on the nail salon business).

Here is the article link

For Nepalese Salon Workers, a Cultural Hurdle to Overcome.”

Nick also spoke about the article on HimaliSworharu’s “Open Mic” program. Here is the link to listen the conversation. Basically, we spoke about background of the article.

HimaliSworharu’s “Open Mic” 

On May 17 Freddie Wilkinson writes about “Mountaineer”, “Himalayan Experience”, and Mt. Everest on the title of “Don’t Climb Every Mountain.”

The article is  more about trekking safety. If you are interested about Nepal, environment, mountain and trekking you should read this article.

Here is the link

Don’t Climb Every Mountain.”

The New York Times often publish political, nature and cultural news of Nepal. However, I feel so proud and happy to read   arts related article this week.

On May 18Amy Yee writes “In Nepal, After Revolt,’ Art Was Changed Forever”

This article was published on The International Herald Tribune. I would recommend you to read this article if you love Nepali arts, crafts and if you want to know how young creative minds are rising in the artistic field.

Here is the New York Times internet link.

“In Nepal, After Revolt,’ Art Was Changed Forever”

Tragedy of Nepali Migrant Worker

The CNN Freedom Project: Ending Modern-Day Slavery

Kathmandu, Nepal (CNN) — Twenty-one-year-old Ramila Syangden weeps uncontrollably as she clutches her 10-month-old baby. She sits and watches as the pyre where her husband’s body will be cremated is set alight in the open Nepalese air.

Syangden never considered one of the potential consequences of her husband’s decision to work abroad. Now she can’t ignore it.

Hours before the Buddhist cremation ceremony she watched the coffin, with her husband’s body inside, arrive on a flight from Saudi Arabia where he had worked.

The paperwork says the 36-year old committed suicide there. Not a single person gathered for the cremation ceremony believes it.

“I don’t think so. He said he would go abroad, see the place, earn as much as he could for the children and come back. I think somebody killed him,“ his wife said.

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Movie Muse: Patang-The Kite & Highway

I watched Hindi film “Patang-The Kite” by Prashant Bhargava,featuring with Seema Biswas and Nawazuddin Siddiqui at The Tribeca Cinemas. After watching “Patang-The Kite,” I found some beautiful similarities with Nepali film “ Highway,” by Deepak Rauniyar.
Interestingly, Both films had World Premiere on Berlin International Film Festival.

Both films are going to release on same date- June15th

Surprisingly, both directors use improvise settings and some non-actors to tell the stories.

And finally I would say both films are not just a general films, for me both films are “organic” of its own.

Would you like to read the reviews?
You have to wait for that.

If you are in New York, find the nearest theatre to enjoy “Patang-The Kite,” releasing on June 15th.

And if you are in Nepal, You know… what’s going to happen on June 15th?
I am sure you will enjoy!
In photo:Seema Biswas
Words/Photo by Sahadev Poudel