Movie Muse: Patang-The Kite & Highway

I watched Hindi film “Patang-The Kite” by Prashant Bhargava,featuring with Seema Biswas and Nawazuddin Siddiqui at The Tribeca Cinemas. After watching “Patang-The Kite,” I found some beautiful similarities with Nepali film “ Highway,” by Deepak Rauniyar.
Interestingly, Both films had World Premiere on Berlin International Film Festival.

Both films are going to release on same date- June15th

Surprisingly, both directors use improvise settings and some non-actors to tell the stories.

And finally I would say both films are not just a general films, for me both films are “organic” of its own.

Would you like to read the reviews?
You have to wait for that.

If you are in New York, find the nearest theatre to enjoy “Patang-The Kite,” releasing on June 15th.

And if you are in Nepal, You know… what’s going to happen on June 15th?
I am sure you will enjoy!
In photo:Seema Biswas
Words/Photo by Sahadev Poudel


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