Introducing KITABNATION-A Book Club

“Wear the old coat and buy the new book.”
Austin Phelps


KITABNATION is brainchild of Sahadevision aspiring to promote good books and writers globally.

KITABNATION aims to encourage club members to purchase at least a book a month and discuss it in the social media.

Every month we shall invite writers/publishers on HimaliSworharu-Online Media to speak on their books.

Sometime we plan to organize Book party on regular basis:)
HimaliSworharu will podcast the book related activities on its online media

We will promote and discuss about book on Facebook, Twitter and will encourage members to write a blog about book they have read.

To join the club you must be to attuned to the reading culture and able to buy at least a book every month costing could cost $5-$10.

Buying a book is completely voluntary and optional as we force you to read and react to the vanishing world of books.
You one can join and leave the club without a notification.

Hence if ready join the club please look at following links and respond.

Finally, Remember as the popular saying goes you don’t become poor after buying books and illiterate after reading books.

Let’s create a reading-revolution.

Coordinated by Sahadevision
Promoted by HimaliSworharu-Online Media


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