Let’s Make Jackson Heights Betel Spit Free Area

A Photo Blog from Jackson Heights, Queens by Sahadev Poudel

Betel leaf chewing with the flavor of different tobaccos is a unique habit of many South Asian people. In New York’s Jackson Heights, there are several betel shops (Pan Pasal). But sadly, people, who proudly chew betel leaf, irresponsibly spit on the middle of the street, sidewalks and parks. The dirty red spitted betel color is changing the Jackson Heights face in a filthy way.



Let me present you a clear image how it looks. NYC Department of Parks has built a pedestrian plaza on 74th Street and 37th Rd. It has some nice light blue color metal chairs, clear tables and umbrellas. Many people gather there for chitchats, to have tea or coffee and sometimes just to play music. But this plaza looks so dirty with betel color. People who chew betel leaf has spitted all over the parks and ruined the beauty of this area.

We must create an awareness to stop spit at this area. NYC Parks and Health Department must show their concern and fined those who spit recklessly. Spitting all over the area is not healthy; it has destroyed the beauty of the plaza and Jackson Heights.
20120707-225558.jpgWhat do you think about Betel Spit at Jackson Heights area? How should we stop this and make Jackson Heights area better, beautiful and betel spit free?

5 thoughts on “Let’s Make Jackson Heights Betel Spit Free Area

  1. I agree with the need to keep spitting at a minimum. However, as someone who has tried betel, spitting is necessary during chewing. So much saliva is produced. Perhaps the same way we have created smoke-free areas, we need to find a way to do the same for the betel chewers. And honestly, I personally do not mind seeing these splashes of color as much as I despise cigarette butts.

    1. Thanks for your comments.It would be also very helpful if Sanitation Dept. would put a big sign in Hindi or Bangladeshi language in the corner of Jackson Heights area saying “Do not spit Paan on the floor” .I think this might make people little conscious.

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