Wonderland-Into the Woods

Wonderland- Into the Woods
By Sahadev Poudel
New York City
The evening was silent and the trees were calm. The light of city created mysterious cloud over our head. Everyone was so attentive but sometimes the irritating musical sound of the helicopter made us to look in the sky. The helicopter was just roaming near the cloud with flashlight.
It’s was late evening just after 8pm. The kids were laughing and tremendously having fun. The parents were watching their kids’ wonder face. We were all clapping; perhaps the birds of the park were also enjoying it.
Few hours earlier, there was a long line and the waitlist was even longer. Some people simply wanted to have a lifetime experiment. They ate lunch while standing. The live saxophone music played by a group of musicians animated all day.
Around 7:30pm the door opened and hundreds of people lined up to live with fairy tales. They slowly moved to the Delacorte Theatre. Inside the theatre, there was a huge set made by woods, several spotlights were beaming and tall green trees were swinging. Remarkably, the giant stage gradually became the palace of Cinderella, Giant, Wolfe, Witch, Prince, Rapunzel, Beanstalk and several other characters.
20120820-181309.jpgNow you should know what I am talking about. Yes, I am talking about the musical “Into the Woods”. Finally, I had an opportunity to watch the play at Delacorte Theatre in Central Park.
After 3 hours of wow, abundant, interesting, amazing and wonder expression, about 1900 audience returned their home. When I went to the bed I wish, I could have a dream and meet all these fairytale characters and go into the woods.
Shakespeare in the Park is the emblem of the Central Park. The Public Theatre founder Joseph Paap established the Shakespeare in the Park tradition in 1960. Everyone who visits New York City or lives in New York City during summer wants to be the part of this tradition.
And I am so happy and proud to a part of that tradition and hope to continue next year



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