Pennsylvania,Kensington Photo Blog

I support President Barack Obama’s leadership team and I want him to be in The White House for another 4 years. I believe he has done what he promised in 2008. There are still things to do in United States of America, which I believe President will do it in another 4 years. He is my ideal hero and I always wanted to do a volunteer for his campaign. So I went to Pennsylvania this weekend to help voters to register their names. I have been to the Pennsylvania before but not this neighborhood, this small town called Kensington. The place is unique, most people I meet during my visit were either drunk or in drugs. I saw some people were peeing in the corner; some people were playing illegal game inside the train and people were smoking on the platform. I did not imagine this place would be so dirty. However, people whom we meet and talked were very nice and helpful. I want to thank the people of Kensington, Pennsylvania for their support to President Obama.
Here are some iPhone photos I captured around the street.

This pillar is unique. I do not have to explain. You see it right?

This man was playing this game inside the train, which I think,Its an illegal. I know its an illegal in New York. This game I forgot the name is very dangerous. There is gang for this game they rip your money in a minute.

This complete building is Adult Books store and XXX video. I think it’s more than this…

Hats off, Hoodie off..I knew Bags checked… but HATS OFF..HODIE OFF…only in Kensington.

This is artistic…the heart of Kensington. Whole building is a canvas.

I wish this price was in New York…$5 HAIR CUT..
This is Somerset Station; we were walking around this station.

Thanks to Obama for America-NY Campaign team
Photos and Words by Sahadev Poudel


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