Here Comes – Let It Be on Broadway


Here Comes-Let It Be on Broadway

By Sahadev Poudel

Here Comes.

The classic radio and television advertisements and music were playing. The crowds in St. James Theatre were excitedly waiting for the curtain to go up. Audiences were cheering and gearing up to embrace the Beatles music. Being a Beatles aficionado, I also joined the crowd and started clapping my hands and cheering right after the young members of the Beatles came on stage. By the way, they were not the original Beatles members; they were the cast members of Let It Be.

Let It Be took me to the 60s and 70s Beatles era. I feel like I was watching the real Beatles concert. During the Beatles era, I was not even born. When John Lennon was shot dead; I was just two years old. Most likely, I started listening to the Beatles songs after I came to America. That was 40 years after the Beatles came to America. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison have the magical combination of music. Their lovely and peaceful lyrics, soft rock flavor, great voices, and their performance made me a Beatles maniac forever.

The Beatles songs are like songs of Narayan Gopal, Arun Thapa, Gopal Yonzan or Amber Gurung of the Nepali music world or Mohamad Rafi, Lata, Kishore Kumar or Jagajit Singh of the Hindi music world. I never get tired of listening to them. I can enjoy them all day and night and the Let It Be has that magic too.  

Let It Be is more than a concert: it’s an extravaganza. The performers Graham Alexander, John Brosnan, Ryan Coath, James Fox,Reuven Gershon Chris McBurney,Luke Roberts, Daniel A Weiss, and Ryan Alex Farmery have tremendous musical talents and I felt like the Beatles soul came back to their lives. They look like John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison. Let it Be cast members dress like them, talk like them, and their hair style looks like The Beatles and of course they performed like the Beatles.

The video and audio footage of the original concert from the US tour, the set and the light effects of Let It Be creates a set like the original concert of the Beatles I really enjoyed all songs; I clapped, hummed and moved my body. Interestingly, the audience was taking pictures and I did too.

Let It Be is sincerely “a celebration of the music of The Beatles.” If you love the Beatles, you would burst with the joy of Let It Be.”

Finally, let me make a simple sentence using some of the Beatles songs:

Hey Jude, Let it be, I want hold your hand and I want to be your man. You know I work A hard day’s night. Once in a while let’s Come Together, Twist and Shout on Strawberry Fields because All You Need is Love.

Let It Be is opening on Broadway from July 24th at St. James Theatre.

Tickets and more info:

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