My View on Soul Doctor- Journey of a Rock Star Rabbi

Soul Doctor- Journey of a Rock Star Rabbi

Soul Doctor- So Shlomo Carlebach was in Kathmandu?
By Sahadev Poudel

So, Shlomo Carlebach was in Kathmandu?

You might ask me who is Shlomo Carlebach, that I did not know until I saw the “Soul Doctor.”

“Soul Doctor” is not like regular doctor or Cardio surgeon and I did not go to see it because I was sick. It is a new musical based on “the true- life tale of the folk-singing Rabbi Shlomo Carlebachon” (NYT) and I went to see it because it’s on the Broadway and watching plays and musicals are like having my theatre vitamins.

As a son of the very strict Jews family, the musical journey of Shlomo was not easy. The reason of his journey from Austria to New York City was war and the reason of his journey from the New York to San Francisco, Synagogue to Church, and other parts of the world was music.

In the mean time, Shlomo’s love blossoms, but sadly a Rabbi cannot even imagine having love affairs. He cannot even touch woman but you know, what they say everything is fair in love and war, in “Soul Doctor” everything is fair in music and love.

When Shlomo does not return to the music class on time one of his students say, “ Shlomo is in Kathmandu with Dalai Lama.” I was surprised to hear the word “Kathmandu” and I was curious about Shlomo’s connection with Kathmandu. Later, Shlomo also tells his musical girlfriend that he is coming back from Kathmandu.
When he mentioned Kathmandu, It tickled me because of my emotional connection.

But I did not know why and when he went to Kathmandu?
May be during the Hippies era, Shlomo went to Kathmandu to study Hippies music and culture. I noticed some Hippies influence at the second half of the show.

I Google it but could not find further infos.

As a regular theatergoer, I thoroughly enjoyed “Soul Doctor”- the true-life story of Shlomo and varieties of music such as Rock and Roll, Soul, Gospel, folk songs, and those songs and entire performance touched my soul.

“Soul Doctor” is showing At Circle in the Square Theater, 1633 Broadway, at 50th Street. Running time: 2 hours 30 minutes.


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