The Journey of Himali Sworharu

In this July Himali Sworharu will celebrate 8th anniversary of its online journey. I started Himali Sworharu as an independence media project . I create varieties of online radio programs and post on Himali Sworharu’s home page
Every now and then we change Himali Sworharu’s logo and programs. Currently we are working on Himali Sworharu’s new logo and we also decided to call it Himali sworharu- Nepali Online Media because now Himali Sworharu not only produce online radio programs but also post photos and occasionally do video interviews and much more.
During our 7 years journey many talented volunteers have helped us to bring our regular programs.
After all we need YOUR support. Please keep listening and visiting Himali Sworharu’s home
Thanks so much for everyone’s support. We would appreciate your comments about new logo.

Happy Listening!
Sahadev Poudel
Himali Sworharu-Nepali Online Media
New York



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