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SOLD Touches SOUL 

By Sahadev Poudel


If you are from Nepal, you might be familiar with the story of child trafficking. You probably have heard horrendous life story from someone who were sold to the Indian brothels. Or you probably have read similar stories in the newspaper or watch plays or films. If so you won’t find newness in a story of Jeffery Brown’s film SOLD. However, the SOLD is able to raise child trafficking issues and create wave of concern around the globe and of course every actor performances touches audiences’ soul.


Based on Patricia McCormick’s novel SOLD, the film SOLD tells the chronological life story of a young and innocent Nepali girl- Laxmi’s journey from a naturally beautiful home town but economically poor family to the Indian Brothel. Laxmi is a symbolic character of many young girls from Nepal and many other South Asian countries. Throughout the film, a main character Laxmi captures everyone’s attention. By her trouble and torture, she makes us to feel that child trafficking is happening now, children are suffering, exploiting and becoming a sexual object and at the end of the film SOLD inspires us to act against child trafficking.


The Film is directed by Jeffery Brown (Academy Award Winner Director from Molly’s Pilgrim 1986). SOLD is not an entertaining film, it’s about engagement in the issue of child trafficking happening now in South Asia.

SOLD mission is “to spread global awareness about trafficking and to raise substantial funds for organizations in India, Nepal and the US which rescue, rehabilitate and empower survivors of trafficking. Empowered survivors are often the best advocates for heroically addressing this issue all over the world.” ( Childreach International is raising #TaughtNotTrafficked campaign with partnership with the SOLD. TaughtNotTrafficked


I watched SOLD in New York at the opening night of the Asian American International Film Festival (AAIFF) ( July 24th. The executive producer of the film is Emma Thompson and casts include Niyar Saikia, Sushmita Mukharjee, Tilotamma Shome, Seema Biswas and many other talented actors.