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थुप्रै प्रश्नको उत्तर यहाँ पनि पाउन सकिन्छ

A Short Film

A story of a man who can  not travel to his homeland during festival. why? watch this short story.

Haree Creationfilms & Sahadevision Present
A Short Nepali Film Dashain Aayo
Story/Script/Direction: Sahadev Poudel
Director of Photography/Edit: Haree Lamichhane
Sahadev Poudel
Shakuntala Gyawali
Purnalal Shrestha
Keshab Shahi
Ramesh Shakya
Haree Lamichhane
Pratima Lamichhane

A Short Film Be Happy

Haree Creation Films & Sahadevision presents
A short visual story “Be Happy”
Written by Sahadev Poudel
Edited by Haree Lamichhane
Created by Haree Lamichhane & Sahadev Poudel

Produced by
Haree Creations Films & Sahadevision

We worry about life,we work very hard to achieve happiness and sometimes we won’t realize floating happiness around us. “Be Happy” is trying to express in a philosophical way that happiness is around us, we just have to search for it and “Be Happy” what we have!

Written by Sahadev Poudel
Created by Haree Lamichhane & Sahadev Poudel
Music & Visual by Haree Lamichhane
Produced by
Haree Creation Films
More info:



SOLD Touches SOUL 

By Sahadev Poudel


If you are from Nepal, you might be familiar with the story of child trafficking. You probably have heard horrendous life story from someone who were sold to the Indian brothels. Or you probably have read similar stories in the newspaper or watch plays or films. If so you won’t find newness in a story of Jeffery Brown’s film SOLD. However, the SOLD is able to raise child trafficking issues and create wave of concern around the globe and of course every actor performances touches audiences’ soul.


Based on Patricia McCormick’s novel SOLD, the film SOLD tells the chronological life story of a young and innocent Nepali girl- Laxmi’s journey from a naturally beautiful home town but economically poor family to the Indian Brothel. Laxmi is a symbolic character of many young girls from Nepal and many other South Asian countries. Throughout the film, a main character Laxmi captures everyone’s attention. By her trouble and torture, she makes us to feel that child trafficking is happening now, children are suffering, exploiting and becoming a sexual object and at the end of the film SOLD inspires us to act against child trafficking.


The Film is directed by Jeffery Brown (Academy Award Winner Director from Molly’s Pilgrim 1986). SOLD is not an entertaining film, it’s about engagement in the issue of child trafficking happening now in South Asia.

SOLD mission is “to spread global awareness about trafficking and to raise substantial funds for organizations in India, Nepal and the US which rescue, rehabilitate and empower survivors of trafficking. Empowered survivors are often the best advocates for heroically addressing this issue all over the world.” ( Childreach International is raising #TaughtNotTrafficked campaign with partnership with the SOLD. TaughtNotTrafficked


I watched SOLD in New York at the opening night of the Asian American International Film Festival (AAIFF) ( July 24th. The executive producer of the film is Emma Thompson and casts include Niyar Saikia, Sushmita Mukharjee, Tilotamma Shome, Seema Biswas and many other talented actors.


The Sacrament of the Goddess: Love, War, and Nepal

The Sacrament of the Goddess: Love, War, and Nepal
A Book Review by Sahadev Poudel

Keeping a beautiful town Beni Bazar in the background, The Sacrament of the Goddess by Joe Neimczura, tells a heart touching story of contemporary Nepali society through the eyes of a young American doctor and a young Nepali woman.

Matt, a recently graduate medical student goes to Nepal as a volunteer to work in a hospital, where he falls in love with a young Nepali woman. Their love evolves like in a romantic film. And yes there’s so called civil war in Nepal and it affecting everyone.
As a professional nurse and author of two books Joe Niemczura brings doctors, nurses, and other characters in the charitable hospital in Beni. Joe’s first book was The Hospital at the End of the World, a memoir about his first trip to Nepal as a nurse educator. In The Sacrament of the Goddess, I see some images of The Hospital at the End of the World. He describes how Nepali health workers work during the civil war with a limited accessories in the hospital and show us how they co-operate with Maoists insurgents’ and Army officials. Joe creates a wonderful hospital in Beni Bazar full with friendly staffs. They also represent powerful characters of Nepali society. In a painful canvas Joe tells not only a soulful story of a Nepali young woman and an American doctor but also shows Maoist’s authoritarian rule, story of kidnap, death and Sushila and Matt’s conflict. Every pages of The Sacrament of the Goddess tell something new about Nepali culture.

The peaceful ending of the story represents the peaceful ending of the civil war.

Anyone who is interested to know Nepali life, culture, Maoist’s war, and hospital’s working condition Nepal, The Sacrament of the Goddess could be like a guide book too.
You can also hear a conversation with Joe Neimczura on Himali Sworharu’s Open Mic. He is also reading a short segment from his novel.
You may get more info on Amazon

Hear Me? There is something new on Broadway!

Hear Me? There is something new on Broadway!

By Sahadev Poudel

Holler If Ya Hear Me is an original musical gift for Broadway. It is based on Tupac Shakur’s lyrics & poetry, directed by Tony Award winner (A Raisin in the Sun) Kenny Leon, choreographed by Wayne Cilento and book by Todd Kreidler.

It tells the story of African American families who live, love, and dies while dreaming peace. The story happens in unnamed city’s industrial block. Even though it is unnamed city, it reminded me mostly like New York City street life. I feel like I have seen and met those characters in real life somewhere in New York.

I am not a regular listener of Hip Hop music but this show made me to hear Tupac songs. I especially liked its setting; the combination of lights and set has created a wonderful neighborhood. The set and the characters look rough and tough and that’s the beauty of Holler If Ya Hear Me. All characters have done great work. Precisely, the last scene of violence is still sticking on my eyes.

Holler If Ya Hear Me is something new and original on Broadway. It may remind you Broadway’s super hit productions like West Side Story and Rent. Broadway normally brings larger than life and fantasy style productions but Holler If Ya Hear Me is nothing like that- It is a reality of contemporary American society.

Holler If Ya Hear Me will officially open on Broadway on June 19.

More Info


 Here is a verse from Tupac’s lyrics

Here we go, turn it up, let’s start
From block to block we snatchin hearts and jackin marks
And the punk police can’t fade me, and maybe
We can have peace someday G
But right now I got my mind set up
Lookin down the barrel of my nine, get up
Cause it’s time to make the payback fat
To my brothers on the block better stay strapped, black
And accept no substitutes



Who Will Be A Gurkha: A Film to Ponder

Who Will Be A Gurkha: A Film to Ponder

Who Will Be A Gurkha: A Film to Ponder

By Sahadev Poudel

(I watched Kesang Tseten’s new documentary Who Will be A Gurkha at Kaufmann Theatre, American Museum of Natural History on Oct 20th, under the Margaret Mead Film Festival. Below what I ponder about it)


The New Gurkha:
Metaphorically, Many Nepali migrant worker who go to other countries for employment are the new Gurkha. Some of them are able to send remittance to pay the loans, build houses, and create a beautiful family. And sadly, some may come back empty hands, inside the coffin.


And the Old Gurkha-
For many generations, the young Nepali boys have been sacrificing their life for another country in the name of Gurkha. How they become Gurkhali? How they prepare to die or to kill for the sake of another nation? How is the selection process for Gurkha platoon for the British Army? How hard it is to be a Gurkha?


Kesang Tseten’s new documentary film Who Will Be A Gurkha answer some of these questions. Especially, the documentary exclusively demonstrates the “free, fair and transparent” selection process of new Gurkha platoon for the British Army.


Britain has been recruiting Nepalis over 200 years ago. “Gurkhas are famous for wielding a curved khukuri knife, have seen numerous wars.” The fact is over “200,000 fought in two world wars and 50,000 were killed.” And yet there is no fear of death and many youths ready to be a new Gurkhali Lahure. That’s the power of Gurkha.


who Gurkha

In Who Will Be A Gurkha, the prospected Gurkhali lahure spontaneously share their phenomenal story to each other. Sometimes they sing, they tell stories, and laugh, and many times they become silence. In silence, they even share a deep story. The filmmaker, writer and director Kesang Tseten, precisely captured their emotional journey of young boys. At the end of the selection process, only about 1 percent is able to pledge to the alliance to the Queen of United Kingdom and rest come back home with tears.


The film folds through the characters personal stories and breathtaking visuals of the training camp. The use of old footages adds the classic flavor and shows that the essence of the selection process and the courage of the young boys are same. The film is set in one of the recruiting centers in Pokhara. The recruiting center looks like a strict Army training camp.


I salute the young Nepali boys for their courage to join the British Army. They were ready to sacrifice their family, love, freedom, and birthplace. In the other hand, I feel sorry for others who did not get selected.


I believe the main attraction of the British Army is high pay and better retirement plan. If they die in war zone their parents might get good amount of money too. I have seen some films about the story of Gurkhali but Who Will be A Gurkha is authentic and the fundamental story of young boys who want to be a Gurkha.


After watching the film I wonder:
• What happens the other candidates who don’t get selected?

• What happens who get selected for the platoon? Will they directly go to the War zone?

• Is there a similar selection process for British Citizen if they want to join the British Army?

• How the Gurkha Army tradition began and when does it end?
• Is it ok to let this tradition goes one?
• How British directly come to Nepal and set a recruiting camp and take young Nepali blood to serve their country?

The documentary raises many questions to ponder,
And I wonder, who will have answers?

Written/Produced/Directed by Kesang Tseten
Language: Nepali & English with English Subtitle.
Genre: Documentary
More info on Facebook:
Image courtesy Facebook


NYC Subway Story

New York City Subway Story:
A gusty and musty looking old man was begging for changes in a busy New York City Subway station. He had some coins inside a dirty jar. The sound of pennies, dimes, and nickels were like underground music and it’s mixing in the crowd. A good-looking, like a new subway car, middle-aged woman came and started talking with him. For a moment, the sound of the changes were silent. They both widely smiled and a good-looking woman put handful money inside the jar. An old man as a reciprocating act, took a packet of “unidentified” object from his pocket and gave it to her. They waved hands, with the announcement of “the Down Town bound local train is arriving at the station,” Then, a good-looking woman entered from the emergency door like an express train and mingled in the crowd.

My View on Soul Doctor- Journey of a Rock Star Rabbi

Soul Doctor- Journey of a Rock Star Rabbi

Soul Doctor- So Shlomo Carlebach was in Kathmandu?
By Sahadev Poudel

So, Shlomo Carlebach was in Kathmandu?

You might ask me who is Shlomo Carlebach, that I did not know until I saw the “Soul Doctor.”

“Soul Doctor” is not like regular doctor or Cardio surgeon and I did not go to see it because I was sick. It is a new musical based on “the true- life tale of the folk-singing Rabbi Shlomo Carlebachon” (NYT) and I went to see it because it’s on the Broadway and watching plays and musicals are like having my theatre vitamins.

As a son of the very strict Jews family, the musical journey of Shlomo was not easy. The reason of his journey from Austria to New York City was war and the reason of his journey from the New York to San Francisco, Synagogue to Church, and other parts of the world was music.

In the mean time, Shlomo’s love blossoms, but sadly a Rabbi cannot even imagine having love affairs. He cannot even touch woman but you know, what they say everything is fair in love and war, in “Soul Doctor” everything is fair in music and love.

When Shlomo does not return to the music class on time one of his students say, “ Shlomo is in Kathmandu with Dalai Lama.” I was surprised to hear the word “Kathmandu” and I was curious about Shlomo’s connection with Kathmandu. Later, Shlomo also tells his musical girlfriend that he is coming back from Kathmandu.
When he mentioned Kathmandu, It tickled me because of my emotional connection.

But I did not know why and when he went to Kathmandu?
May be during the Hippies era, Shlomo went to Kathmandu to study Hippies music and culture. I noticed some Hippies influence at the second half of the show.

I Google it but could not find further infos.

As a regular theatergoer, I thoroughly enjoyed “Soul Doctor”- the true-life story of Shlomo and varieties of music such as Rock and Roll, Soul, Gospel, folk songs, and those songs and entire performance touched my soul.

“Soul Doctor” is showing At Circle in the Square Theater, 1633 Broadway, at 50th Street. Running time: 2 hours 30 minutes.