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FLOWERgraphy (Photos)

These photographs were taken around 4:30PM at Union Square on 09/13. I slightly edited and adjusted some color.I had to take one picture by my iPhone because the photo I took it from camera did not came so nice.So I won’t’ miss beautiful Sayapatri flower in this album.The Sayapatri photo is non edited.Let me know what do you think..

“Change We Can Believe In”

“Change we can Believe In” was President Barack Obama’s 2008 election slogan. But, I am not campaigning any election or writing about  it on this blog. I am simply posting two photos from the same location.And want to show you the change. Now,you have to determine  the change , Change we can believe in. By the way you may understand this in any form.

This is Bowling Green Park, Down Town New York City. The top photo I captured on April 5 and the second photo I clicked on April 24.
It’s all about season, rain and change-nothing stays permanent.

Photos/Words by Sahadev