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New York City Subway Commuters Tale (Photo)

New York City Subway Commuters Tale (Photo)

Do you—especially, the New York City Subway Commuters, have any squeeze moment in the train?
Subway cars are mostly crowded and it’s very hard to get the seat. However, sometimes there is seat available but two people took over the available space and third person won’t have chance to sit. Can we be little courteous and welcome another person to sit? Let’s not be rude New Yorker.
Photo/Words by Sahadev Poudel

NYC Subway Singer Singing a Song

Today,I met a talented lady inside a subway car.She said she is an actor and love doing karaoke.She saw camera in my hand and wanted to sing a song for me.She had a good voice and was reading “A Girl with Dragon Tattoo.”

There are lots of talented musicians and artists all over the NYC Subway and these are the few incomparable beauties of New York City.


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