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I’ve got a mail..Post Mail..Letter

When was the last time you got mail? Letter…Post Mail…by Air… not your monthly bill mail..…Can’t remember?
You should remember there used to be an envelope with different color called “Par Avion By Air Mail.” You go to post office, stay on line and you stick tickets depend on where you sending…how far you sending…any memory passing by?
Wow! Can’t believe Post Mail is becoming a history but not really cause I just got a mail from my loved one.
When I receive a mail, the feeling is tremendous. I can smell it, go through several times with hand written words that is full with love and care. And I can collect the tickets too.
Interestingly, I don’t have to be online to read a letter…I can keep it on my wallet and read it whenever or wherever I want.
Letter is priceless!
And it can be a part of history.