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Hear Me? There is something new on Broadway!

Hear Me? There is something new on Broadway!

By Sahadev Poudel

Holler If Ya Hear Me is an original musical gift for Broadway. It is based on Tupac Shakur’s lyrics & poetry, directed by Tony Award winner (A Raisin in the Sun) Kenny Leon, choreographed by Wayne Cilento and book by Todd Kreidler.

It tells the story of African American families who live, love, and dies while dreaming peace. The story happens in unnamed city’s industrial block. Even though it is unnamed city, it reminded me mostly like New York City street life. I feel like I have seen and met those characters in real life somewhere in New York.

I am not a regular listener of Hip Hop music but this show made me to hear Tupac songs. I especially liked its setting; the combination of lights and set has created a wonderful neighborhood. The set and the characters look rough and tough and that’s the beauty of Holler If Ya Hear Me. All characters have done great work. Precisely, the last scene of violence is still sticking on my eyes.

Holler If Ya Hear Me is something new and original on Broadway. It may remind you Broadway’s super hit productions like West Side Story and Rent. Broadway normally brings larger than life and fantasy style productions but Holler If Ya Hear Me is nothing like that- It is a reality of contemporary American society.

Holler If Ya Hear Me will officially open on Broadway on June 19.

More Info http://hollerifyahearme.com/


 Here is a verse from Tupac’s lyrics

Here we go, turn it up, let’s start
From block to block we snatchin hearts and jackin marks
And the punk police can’t fade me, and maybe
We can have peace someday G
But right now I got my mind set up
Lookin down the barrel of my nine, get up
Cause it’s time to make the payback fat
To my brothers on the block better stay strapped, black
And accept no substitutes



I Watched Total 19 Shows (Play & Musical) in 2013

I Watched Total 19 Shows (Play & Musical) in 2013
Loud Speaker
The Dance and the Railroad
The Proverbial Loons Musical Comedy Improv
The Madrid
The Last Will
The Unavoidable Disappearance of Tom Durnin
The Banana Monologues
Bunty Berman Presents
Big Apple Circus: Luminocity
Witnessed By the World
Radio City Christmas Spectacular
La Soirée
Old Fashioned Prostitues
KDNY Dance Company presents: Gravity of Distraction
& Starting 2014 with Shakespeare’s Macbeth 
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Who Will Be A Gurkha: A Film to Ponder

Who Will Be A Gurkha: A Film to Ponder

Who Will Be A Gurkha: A Film to Ponder

By Sahadev Poudel

(I watched Kesang Tseten’s new documentary Who Will be A Gurkha at Kaufmann Theatre, American Museum of Natural History on Oct 20th, under the Margaret Mead Film Festival. Below what I ponder about it)


The New Gurkha:
Metaphorically, Many Nepali migrant worker who go to other countries for employment are the new Gurkha. Some of them are able to send remittance to pay the loans, build houses, and create a beautiful family. And sadly, some may come back empty hands, inside the coffin.


And the Old Gurkha-
For many generations, the young Nepali boys have been sacrificing their life for another country in the name of Gurkha. How they become Gurkhali? How they prepare to die or to kill for the sake of another nation? How is the selection process for Gurkha platoon for the British Army? How hard it is to be a Gurkha?


Kesang Tseten’s new documentary film Who Will Be A Gurkha answer some of these questions. Especially, the documentary exclusively demonstrates the “free, fair and transparent” selection process of new Gurkha platoon for the British Army.


Britain has been recruiting Nepalis over 200 years ago. “Gurkhas are famous for wielding a curved khukuri knife, have seen numerous wars.” The fact is over “200,000 fought in two world wars and 50,000 were killed.” And yet there is no fear of death and many youths ready to be a new Gurkhali Lahure. That’s the power of Gurkha.


who Gurkha

In Who Will Be A Gurkha, the prospected Gurkhali lahure spontaneously share their phenomenal story to each other. Sometimes they sing, they tell stories, and laugh, and many times they become silence. In silence, they even share a deep story. The filmmaker, writer and director Kesang Tseten, precisely captured their emotional journey of young boys. At the end of the selection process, only about 1 percent is able to pledge to the alliance to the Queen of United Kingdom and rest come back home with tears.


The film folds through the characters personal stories and breathtaking visuals of the training camp. The use of old footages adds the classic flavor and shows that the essence of the selection process and the courage of the young boys are same. The film is set in one of the recruiting centers in Pokhara. The recruiting center looks like a strict Army training camp.


I salute the young Nepali boys for their courage to join the British Army. They were ready to sacrifice their family, love, freedom, and birthplace. In the other hand, I feel sorry for others who did not get selected.


I believe the main attraction of the British Army is high pay and better retirement plan. If they die in war zone their parents might get good amount of money too. I have seen some films about the story of Gurkhali but Who Will be A Gurkha is authentic and the fundamental story of young boys who want to be a Gurkha.


After watching the film I wonder:
• What happens the other candidates who don’t get selected?

• What happens who get selected for the platoon? Will they directly go to the War zone?

• Is there a similar selection process for British Citizen if they want to join the British Army?

• How the Gurkha Army tradition began and when does it end?
• Is it ok to let this tradition goes one?
• How British directly come to Nepal and set a recruiting camp and take young Nepali blood to serve their country?

The documentary raises many questions to ponder,
And I wonder, who will have answers?

Written/Produced/Directed by Kesang Tseten
Language: Nepali & English with English Subtitle.
Genre: Documentary
More info on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WhoWillBeAGurkha
Image courtesy Facebook


Here Comes – Let It Be on Broadway


Here Comes-Let It Be on Broadway

By Sahadev Poudel

Here Comes.

The classic radio and television advertisements and music were playing. The crowds in St. James Theatre were excitedly waiting for the curtain to go up. Audiences were cheering and gearing up to embrace the Beatles music. Being a Beatles aficionado, I also joined the crowd and started clapping my hands and cheering right after the young members of the Beatles came on stage. By the way, they were not the original Beatles members; they were the cast members of Let It Be.

Let It Be took me to the 60s and 70s Beatles era. I feel like I was watching the real Beatles concert. During the Beatles era, I was not even born. When John Lennon was shot dead; I was just two years old. Most likely, I started listening to the Beatles songs after I came to America. That was 40 years after the Beatles came to America. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison have the magical combination of music. Their lovely and peaceful lyrics, soft rock flavor, great voices, and their performance made me a Beatles maniac forever.

The Beatles songs are like songs of Narayan Gopal, Arun Thapa, Gopal Yonzan or Amber Gurung of the Nepali music world or Mohamad Rafi, Lata, Kishore Kumar or Jagajit Singh of the Hindi music world. I never get tired of listening to them. I can enjoy them all day and night and the Let It Be has that magic too.  

Let It Be is more than a concert: it’s an extravaganza. The performers Graham Alexander, John Brosnan, Ryan Coath, James Fox,Reuven Gershon Chris McBurney,Luke Roberts, Daniel A Weiss, and Ryan Alex Farmery have tremendous musical talents and I felt like the Beatles soul came back to their lives. They look like John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison. Let it Be cast members dress like them, talk like them, and their hair style looks like The Beatles and of course they performed like the Beatles.

The video and audio footage of the original concert from the US tour, the set and the light effects of Let It Be creates a set like the original concert of the Beatles I really enjoyed all songs; I clapped, hummed and moved my body. Interestingly, the audience was taking pictures and I did too.

Let It Be is sincerely “a celebration of the music of The Beatles.” If you love the Beatles, you would burst with the joy of Let It Be.”

Finally, let me make a simple sentence using some of the Beatles songs:

Hey Jude, Let it be, I want hold your hand and I want to be your man. You know I work A hard day’s night. Once in a while let’s Come Together, Twist and Shout on Strawberry Fields because All You Need is Love.

Let It Be is opening on Broadway from July 24th at St. James Theatre.

Tickets and more info:


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