The Vijay Kumar Article: पद र पहिचानबीचको महान् अन्तर

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Why the case against Vijay Kumar & Kantipur is not about the dress code & is about intimidation of media

THTA contempt of court charge has been registered at the Supreme Court (SC) against columnist Bijaya Kumar Pandey, editor-in-chief Sudhir Sharma and Managing Director Kailash Sirohiya of Kantipur Daily on Monday alleging that an article written by Pandey that was published in the daily made mockery of the SC.

Advocate Anjan Kumar Pokhrel registered the petition at the SC claiming that the recent article of Pandey tried to scandalise the independent judiciary. Advocate Pokhrel, in his writ has accused Pandey of contempt of court for his comments on the judiciary and judges regarding the recent disputes on dress code at the SC. Earlier, a week ago a Kantipur correspondent was barred to visit the courtrooms citing his informal dress. The advocate has demanded one year imprisonment and Rs 10,000 fines from…

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